Severe weather notifications

Severe Weather Warning API

Get severe weather notifications for multiple locations via webhook API.

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RESTful severe weather API for easy access to NWS warnings.

Get active severe weather watches, warnings, and statements via API.


Easy access to severe weather data via a well documented JSON RESTful API.

Monitor Locations

Add locations of your physical assets to receive notifications of when they are threatened by severe weather.

Current and Historical

Get current severe weather watches and warnings or historical data back to 1953.

Severe Weather Dashboard

Monitor severe weather watches and warnings overlayed with your physical locations to gain better decision making.

Geotargeted Warnings

Notifications are driven by specific latitude and longitude locations. Requests can even be made for mobile assets such as trucking.

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Well documented RESTful API is easy to get started with.

Severe Weather API

WxWarn gives developers the power to build powerful apps.

Filter watches and warnings by type

Powerful geolocation based webhooks

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  • 1,000 API Calls per month
  • 1 Location Monitor
  • 1 Webhook Subscription
  • 2 Event Types per Webhook
  • Basic Warning Dashboard
  • Docs Support

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$19 / month

  • 50,000 API Calls per month
  • 5 Location Monitors
  • 5 Webhook Subscriptions
  • 5 Event Types per Webhook
  • Advanced Warning Dashboard
  • 24x7 Email Support

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$99 / License

  • 250,000 API Calls per month
  • 50 Location Monitors
  • 50 Webhook Subscriptions
  • 10 Event Types per Webhook
  • Advanced Warning Dashboard
  • 24x7 Email Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about WxWarn:


What are Event Types and Webhooks?

An Event Type referrs to the type of severe weather event (i.e. Tornado Warning, Winter Storm Warning, etc). A webhook is an API feature in which your system registers a location and event type(s) and when the location is affected by one of those events, our system calls your system which allows you to automate responses to severe weather.


Do I need a developer to build an integration?

WxWarn is integrated into Zapier which allows you to build some powerful integrations with other systems you might use without a developer.


Where does the data come from?

All watch and warning data comes from the National Weather Service. It is free for anyone to use but our technology makes it much easier to work with and can monitor specific locations for threats which is not possible with the NWS data feeds.


Can you support my large company?

Yes, we can scale to almost any size and monitor any number of locations. Contact us below and we can chat.

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